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Castaic Jerky J 7” (ca. 17,5 cm)

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Castaic Jerky J 7” (ca. 17,5 cm)
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(Bestellnr.: CS-JJ7 + Farbnr.) VE 3 Stk.

Der Jerky-J ist ein höchst effektiver und sehr vielseitiger Köder, der als so genannter “No-Action-Shad” immer dann trumpft, wenn minimale Schwingungen den Beißreflex auslösen oder die Räuber im Pflanzendickicht Deckung suchen.
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(Stocknumber.: CS-JJ7 + Colorno.) Unit = 3 Pcs
A very successful Bait series out of the famous Castaic Program.
Big slots in the belly enable easy mounting and fishing of all kinds of finesse hooks to fish this bait “weedless” in example. Of corse this bait can be rigged on all kinds of classic Jigheads as well!
The naturalistic look, the big boot tail and perfect details make this bait a great choice in all kinds of sweetwater-fishing. Take the 7” Verison for Pikes, Cats and big Salmon like Hucho or similar big trouts. The 5 and 3,5” Versions are great for Zander.
Colors: shown below:
Standardlieferprogramm / Standard Stock Colors
<b>	1	</b>	Rainbow Trout

1 Rainbow Trout

<b>	04</b> Mad Shad

04 Mad Shad

<b>	5	</b>	Green Shad

5 Green Shad

<b>	6	</b>	Blue Shad

6 Blue Shad

<b>	7	</b>	Ayu

7 Ayu

<b>	8	</b>	Golden Shiner

8 Golden Shiner

<b>	9	</b>	Chartreuse

9 Chartreuse

<b>	11	</b>	Baby Bass

11 Baby Bass

<b>	22	</b>	Red Head

22 Red Head

<b>	30</b> Watermelon Red

30 Watermelon Red

<b>	31	</b>	Pumpkin Seed

31 Pumpkin Seed

<b>	32</b> Watermelon Orange

32 Watermelon Orange

<b>	34	</b>	Blue Gill

34 Blue Gill

<b>	36	</b>	Smoke Pepper

36 Smoke Pepper

<b>	ALB	</b>	Albino Shad

ALB Albino Shad

<b>	BBH	</b>	Blueback Herring

BBH Blueback Herring

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