Terms and Conditions

Copy-right-instruction All pictures, texts and names of softbaits and tackle in particular, together with the registered brand “ShadXperts®” are general protected by copy right. The use (i.e. in web shops or brochures) of all kinds of our intellectual property including pictures, names, and brand is subject to our explicit approval. People and companies acting contrary, thus violate our rights, are liable for indemnity. General terms of trade


1. Prices

All prices constituted in this price list are Euro-retailer-prices, value added tax (VAT) excluded. Basically our prices are valid until we submit a new, updated price list (approximately after 18 months). Herby we want to point out, that all prices are subject to change without notification during the year, if unpredictable and unforeseeable circumstances force us to act in this way (i.e. significant and substantial changes in production- and sourcing-prices or other significant reasons). The minimum order value for the initial order is 100,-- Euros.


2. VAT and Taxes

All prospective, new EU/EC-customers (e.g. Sweden, Italy, Romania,…) have to provide their VAT number on their orders. By giving us this number it is possible for us to write out invoices without VAT (20% in Austria). This represents a huge financial advantage to all EU-customers, because they in fact need not to pay the value added tax. If your business is located within the EU, but you do not have a VAT number, we have to invoice the Austrian VAT (20%), which we have to lead away to the Austrian authorities of finance. All customers outside the EU/EC (e.g. Norway, Switzerland,…) are not subject to Austrian VAT or any other sales-taxes in any way.


3. Discounts

Discounts for initial orders can be found in the price list on page 38 or in our catalogue on page 26. Fixed discounts, exceptional- or bargain-prices are granted in line with announced official special offers or personal (email or phone) consultation, exclusively. All kinds of special prices and discounts will be dropped out and denied in case of delayed payments in general as well as in all cases of bankruptcy, judicial and non-judicial proceedings and trials in particular. This procedure will come into effect with the first day of delay of payment, basically, and can be annihilated only after consultation with us or/and our lawyers.


4. Payments

All orders from abroad have to be prepaid. For all prepaid orders from abroad we grant 3% cash discount. Open account/invoice on request only (2% cash discount within 10 days, 30 days net). All costs arising to ShadXperts® by faulty-, non-, or too late payments will be shifted over to the payer/customer/party liable and interest will be charged due to the current and usual rates specified in Austrian law (currently approx. 8,25% pa). We want to point out that all bank fees or other related costs arising in wiring money in favour of our accounts have to be borne by the payer/customer. ShadXperts price list subject to misprint Page 35


5. Delivery

Shipments will be forwarded by DPD/DHL/RAILCARGO/UPS, depending on customer´s country and cheapest fright quotas. Shipping cost and packaging will be charged with 10,50 Euro for shipments within the EU (exception Spain), showing an invoice-face-value not less than 150,-- Euro. Shipments showing an invoice face value of more than 350,-- Euro will be shipped up free of any charges (exception Spain). For countries outside the EU, we have to negotiate individual freight rates with our forwarders. So please understand that we can give you this information on demand, only. All customers enjoying special discounts and prices will be charged according to personally (phone, e-mail,…) negotiated fright rates. Applicable Incoterm: EXW Leitzersdorf


6. Subsequent deliveries

Unless subsequent deliveries are not shipped up 12 months after order date, we cancel these orders. Subsequent deliveries, worth 120,-- Euro invoice-face-value, are effected free of charges (transport+packaging), within the EU (exception Spain) only. Subsequent deliveries worth less than 120,-- Euro will be added to your next order within 12 months. Colors and baits manufactured for single or groups of customers exclusively will be shipped against pre- or downpayment, only. Deliveries of custom-colors and -models as well as all kinds of individual productions are subject to article “delivery” (see 4.) and NOT subsequent delivery (see 5.)


7. Return consignments, complaints, shortages

For all shipments the Incoterm “EXW Leitzersdorf” shall be deemed to be agreed. We have to be notified in written form about all kinds of complaints about execution of shipments, missing merchandise, faulty merchandise and related topics. In addition all damages to the shipment or obvious faults or damages in packing of goods, missing merchandise have to be noted on the shipping documents in face of the last forwarder, handing over the shipment to the customers or customer´s premises. For faulty products we are liable due to general terms of Austrian “UGB”. All return consignments have to be sent “frankly”. All return consignments can be sent against our explicit accordance only. Unheralded reshipments will be rejected. For all return consignments and exchanges beyond our guiltiness we charge 15% of invoice-face-value of returned goods or a minimum of 25,-- Euro processing fee. Supplied goods stay property of ShadXperts® – Maukner e.U., Großmuglerstraße 4, 2003 Leitzersdorf, Austria, until fully payment of the amount due, shown on relevant invoice, has been effected. court of justice: Tulln