Softbaits / Shads / Ohio Shad / 4" (11 cm) / Laminated colors

The Ohio Series represent just another #1 River-Baits in our vast stockprogram. The slim, round and bleak-/smelt-like shaped body in conjunction with a perfect shaped tail area and hammer tail make this bait a number one choice in river fishing.

The 2” version is perfectly applicable in fast current for trouts or in spring or early summer, when the breed-schools can be found everywhere it is perfectly applicable in rasp or perchfishing under the surface. The 4” version is great for heavy current in summer-river fishing, or in low current with not so much action, in winter fishing. The 5” verison is great in current, but also in Stillwater!

Especially the boot tail of the 5”Ohio is big enough to show great action in stillwaterfishing!

All in all a great series available in 4 sizes!!!

Target-fish/freshwater: pike, Zander, big trouts, huchen

Methods: Fließwasser Zander